George Dugan


George Dugan is one of America's foremost representational artists. His works are held in numerous private and public collections in the United Sates and abroad and have been widely exhibited in museums and galleries. He is known not only for his ability to work with a variety of subject matter, but also for his handling of color, virtuoso technique in a wide range of mediums, and an "eye" for composition. Critics have said that Dugan's style of realism has the power to bring beauty and life to everything he represents.

Underlying this power is Dugan's success in understanding the essence of his subjects and depicting them in the light and atmospheric condictions in which he observes them. Dugan captures and freezes reality at a particular moment in time. What he sees and experiences is recorded in his paintings which, in turn, stimulate a host of sensory impressions. For example, the painting Ventry Cliffs, Dingle Peninsula not only provides a panoramic view of the cliffs, sea and sky but, in addition, evokes such sensations as the smell of salt water, the feel of an ocean breeze, and the warmth of the noonday sun.

Steck and Associates is proud to represent this accomplished and popular painter. We invite you to visit our web site where other examples of his work can be seen. You may also contact us by email at or phone 607.749.7016 if you are interested in receiving full color reproductions.

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